The appropriation of funds is hereby authorized from the Treasury of the United States, pursuant to Article I, Section 9 (7) of the Constitution of the United States, to enable the Trust to organize itself, repay debts herein described, and begin the performance of its duties. Debts to be repaid under this Section are those incurred by Philadelphia II, the proceeds of which were used to pay the costs of preparing for, conducting, and verifying the ballots of the election for the enactment of the National Citizens Initiative for Democracy: the fundamental law encompassing the Citizens Amendment and the Citizens Legislative Procedures Act. The costs shall include, but shall not be limited to: the production cost of ballots, printing, mail, print and electronic communications including the Internet; services for the election conducted by Philadelphia II; and related costs such as the cost of the legal defense of Philadelphia II’s operations; all of which shall have been audited and certified as bona fide by the Trust prior to repayment. Hereafter, appropriations shall be made annually to the Trust as an independent agency of the United States Government.

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