The Democracy Amendment (annotated)


  1. View commentsThe sovereign authority of the People of the United States vested in an independent "Legislature of the People" with the power to enact, repeal, and amend public policies, laws, charters, and constitutions by local, state and national initiative shall not be denied or abridged by any federal, state or local government of the United States.
  2. View commentsA Citizens Trust is hereby created to conduct initiative elections and to administer the legislative procedures created by the Citizens Legislative Procedures Act. A Board of Trustees and a Director shall govern the Citizens Trust. The Citizens Legislative Procedures Act defines the composition of the Board of Trustees and their election, their duties and responsibilities; and the duties, responsibilities and the selection process of the Director.
  3. View commentsAn initiative created under the authority of this Amendment that amends the Constitution of the United States or the constitution of any state or the charter of any local government becomes law when it is approved by more than half the registered voters of the relevant government jurisdiction in each of two successive elections. If the amendment is approved in the first election, a second ratification election shall occur no earlier than six months and no later than a year after the first election. An initiative that enacts, modifies or repeals a statute becomes the law when approved by more than half the registered voters of the relevant government jurisdiction who participate in the election.
  4. View commentsOnly natural persons who are citizens of the United States may introduce legislation, contribute funds, services or property in support or in opposition to initiatives under this Amendment.
  5. View commentsCitizens shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this Amendment through the accompanying Citizens Legislative Procedures Act and additional appropriate legislation. No court in the United States may enjoin an initiative election except on grounds of fraud.

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