Dear America Film Promo Videos

Subject:  	 NI4D film fundraising videos
Date: 	Sun, 6 Dec 2009 14:28:01 -0800 (PST)
To: 	Joshua Pritikin

Hello, Joshua.

I support NI4D, and I appreciate what you're doing. Unfortunately, I
lack the means to contribute financially at this time, but I'd like to
offer some constructive criticism with the hope of improving the
efficacy of your efforts.

The most prominent position on the site is currently
occupied by Charlie Chaplin's speech from "The Great Dictator." As
stirring as his performance was, this video is probably doing more harm
than good, for the following reasons:

A) He looks like Hitler
B) His impassioned shouting sounds like Hitler
C) His vague humanist rhetoric is all too similar to the manipulative
propaganda employed by charismatic leaders of infamy, like Hitler
D) Everyone hates Hitler
E) This video says absolutely nothing about NI4D. The cryptic text at the end doesn't count.

Don't get me wrong, I like the clip. It's a good performance of a
great speech with a powerful message. But as a marketing tool for the
NI4D documentary fundraising effort, I'm afraid it's abysmally
counterproductive. The text below it says, "Short explanatory videos
cannot adequately capture... [etc.]" While this may be true, I am
quite certain that potential donors would be far more receptive to a
short explanatory video than an obscure and quasi-Hitlerian clip from
the reel archives of the 1940's.

The "Remember the Rock" video is somewhat more suitable for this
purpose, but it's still very abstract, and there's very little of
substance that's actually said in it beyond the metaphor itself.

I'm sure you've got a video camera, or know someone who does. Just sit
in front of it and spend a few minutes talking about NI4D, the
documentary and fund raising effort. It doesn't matter if it comes
across like a PBS Pledge Drive. Actually, that would be a good thing
-- their model is remarkably similar to yours, so you would do well to
emulate them. Do what works. It doesn't need any embellishment, but
I'd be happy to do some simple editing for it if necessary.

But whatever you do, please remove the Chaplin clip entirely.
It is a liability, not an asset. Apologies to Evan Strobel.

Respectfully, but focused on the goal,
Andrew Lundin