Who ought to be members of the interim board?

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I want to go back to what Gary just said that regarding the Electoral Trust because the Electoral Trust is in my view our Achilles’ heel as it is currently written. We have in that a very mushy idea that we’re going to pick 25 separate representatives of different groups to actually to consist or to be the convening body of the Electoral Trust. Well, I don’t care who those groups are; somebody can find fault with some of them. For example, if we choose … well, I won’t even get into the specifics, just trust me, you can
Senator Mike Gravel
Just rip it
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You can rip a hole in this a mile wide that would sink it. So I’m going to suggest, as a solution to that, in lieu of an election that we consider going back to the future. In one of the original drafting meetings at your house in Carmel seven years ago, the idea was put forward to have the Secretary’s of State as our interim Electoral Trust, one representative from each state, and that we proceed immediately to an election as quickly thereafter as we possibly could. I think that’s better because they are elected officials.

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