Why are deliberative committee members compensated?

Mike Gravel
The deliberative committee, depending upon the issue and the gravity, and here to they’ll develop experience, as to how many people. Maybe it’ll be 12 people. Maybe it’ll be 24 people. They have to be drawn nationally [meaning from the jurisdiction of the initiative in question]. Now we may develop some devices where people out there are qualified for this, so we have a real broad pool, so we’re just not getting what would be professional people that want to do all their lives on this and got nothing else to do. Now keep in mind, the jury system, the failure of the jury system is that the government does not want to pay people for the time they spend. And that’s the reason that people don’t want to be on a jury. Now if I’m making $500,000 as a broker, or a big accountant at Arthur Andersen then I should not be excluded from being on this panel. So that means that whoever we select, we will pay whatever their worth is. And so if a person comes in and his salary is $50,000 per year, that for the amount of time will be broken out and be paid that. Whatever, if a person a $500,000, that will be broken out. So that they’ll be no barriers, no economic barriers to the participation of the deliberative committee, and so we’ll get a broad cross section of the country.

Also see Act, Section 3-I.

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