America is a democracy after all

In reply to Barry Light’s letter "Dems Not Delivering" (Jan. 16), I’d like to remind Mr. Light and everyone else that the Ninth and 10th Amendments to the Constitution reserve ultimate power to the people – not to our politicians. That means we are not powerless against the minority elite who think they run things.

Our biggest problem is that most Americans do not seem to be aware of that fact. We form demonstrations and march in the streets protesting whatever, only to be ignored by those elites. The only time they pay attention to us is during the election cycle when we hand our power over to them in the voting booth.

Yes, the Democratic Party is corrupt. And so is the Republican Party. These two powerful parties control our political system, so it is also corrupted – badly.

But we, the people, are a powerful political force ourselves. All we need to do is to stop letting all the misinformation confuse us and to begin acting in unison.

We can do that peacefully and without marching in the street! To see what I mean, check out the National Initiative for Democracy (