Ball State employee schedules Gravel to speak on campus

Former Sen. Mike Gravel will be coming to Ball State University.

The university announced Wednesday that Gravel will be on-campus Feb. 15 to give a lecture on his most recent campaign, the National Initiative for Democracy, and have an open question session.

Graham Watson, Web development specialist for Ball State, said he booked the former senator because he wanted the university and Muncie community to learn about the campaign.

“He will probably talk about the concept of direct democracy, how it would help the U.S.,” he said. “That as an idea has been something lot of people have not though of.”

Watson said booking Gravel was his decision and paid all fees to ensure his visit on campus. Entrance to the event will be free.

Later that night Gravel will be a guest on FM Music Live, which broadcasts from Doc’s Music Hall in downtown Muncie.

Watson said the university and Muncie community can expect to hear more about his campaign, as well as his radical views and plans for the future of the United States.