Citizens 9/11 Commission – A Ballot Initiative

United States Senator Mike Gravel has launched a Citizens 9/11 Commission employing a nationwide ballot-box initiative.



Questions remain unanswered and unaddressed by the 9/11 Commission Report about what really happened on 9/11 – three World Trade Center Towers [ 1, 2, 7 ] fell in New York City looking just like regular controlled demolitions, so sure, so precise, so quick [ less than 11 seconds each ], indicating the use of explosives and controlled demolitions, but officially, it was the office fires and the two crashing planes that caused the "global collapse" of all 3 buildings.

Of course, the New York City Fire Department, and the New York City Police Department, regulations require a detailed, forensic examination at the scene, whenever people are killed in fires or explosions, but the City of New York never complied, as if non-compliance could conceal the DNA [ highly engineered explosives ] click here that scientists later discovered in the 9/11 dust – indicating with absolute scientific certainty that [ explosives had been planted in the three buildings before the two planes crashed into the Twin Towers ].

And Building 7, not hit by any aircraft, and the small office fires that were noticed on only several floors, were already extinguished by 5:20PM in the afternoon when the building got "pulled", just after the landlord Larry Silverstein, decided "the smartest thing to do is pull it", and "then we watched the building collapse", he said, in only 6.5 seconds – truly, a perfect controlled demolition for sure.

Senator Gravel [ Ballot Initiative Press Conference ] has indicated that the US Congress is to pre-occupied [ "looking forward" ] to commission an Independent 9/11 Scientific Inquiry, to specifically consider the use of explosives and controlled demolitions in destroying the three towers, however, the States could commission their own Citizens 9/11 Commissions, through a ballot-box initiative in each State, that would be privately financed, and would have subpoena powers to call witnesses and hear testimony from the eyewitnesses, first responders, scientists, engineers, officials, and others with knowledge of that day, under oath, in a public forum, broadcasted live, with full media coverage, revealing "the truth, wherever it leads", said Senator Gravel.


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Lance Ciepiela is a retired senior who had an interesting career in government service – a USMC veteran, who became interested in restoring the Constitution after I realized that George W. Bush had attacked Iraq on false pretense and got away with (more…)