Sample Leaflets

(introduction by Joshua Pritikin & Myron Stagman)

The NI4D by itself can seem dry and theoretical. It usually does not make people sit up and clap in the aisles.

Yet everybody has issues of interest to them, changes they really want to see made. They may not know exactly what changes they want, but they know some important things are wrong, and they would like to see them corrected.

The Democracy Foundation does not take a position on substantive issues, but to interest the public, we need to speak to familiar themes. That is where our leaflets come in. Leaflets inform about major issues and point out in every communication how the NI4D could be brought to bear on the issue.

When people become more knowledgeable about an issue of interest to them and it dawns on them how potent the NI4D can be in effecting their desired purposes then they are sure to become active supporters.

On this page, we will collect positions on substantive issues (raw public opinion). Taken together, these positions may be contradictory, but that is not a cause for concern. Leave the reconciliation process to NI4D’s deliberative procedures.

When you speak to people, be calm and straightforward. If the information alienates some, try to find out why they feel the way they do. This will help us in our job of persuasion, and advance our good cause. Feel free to tailor leaflets, or your presentation of them, to your particular audience.

By Purpose

Minimalist version for a sign (Evan Ravitz)

By Person / Party

Ron Paul, [Your favorite person / party here]

By Issue

Genetically Modified Organisms (Food Safety); National I&R (Stagman’s); Nuclear Risk, Excessive; Public Central Bank; [Your issue here]