Mike Gravel endorses Matt Reichel in special election

From the Matt Reichel Campaign:

We have exciting news to share! Former senator Mike Gravel of Alaska has endorses Matt Reichel for Congress! This high-profile endorsement from a political figure on the national stage is a major boost to our already dizzying campaign.

Here is Mr. Gravel in his own words:

“I am happy to offer my endorsement of Matt Reichel in the special congressional election in Illinois’s fifth congressional district. Matt is the best choice for the fifth district, and he needs your help to get elected.

Matt is more than just a typical politician. He is a clear break from tradition for the congressional district that has elected Rod Blagojevich and Rahm Emanuel. He values peace and democracy above all else, as seen from his anti-war activism and his endorsement of the National Initiative for Democracy. The National Initiative is an important proposal that would establish ballot initiatives on the federal level in the United States. It would be an important step forward for transparent government and truly empowering the people, and I trust that this is something that Matt will work for once he is in Congress.

Matt has demonstrated that he is a capable politician with his victory in the Green Party primary on March 3rd. Now he needs your help. The general election is on April 7th, only a few weeks away. Please visit www.MattReichel.us to volunteer or donate, or send contributions to The Committee to Elect Matt Reichel to Congress, 1726 W. Carmen, Chicago, IL 60640.”

This enthusiastic endorsement from a respected statesman is a great benefit to this campaign. However, we still need quite a bit of help–both financially as well as volunteers to help get the word out. If you can help in either way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Ben Head
Director of Communications