Movement right to stress democracy

I am glad to see the effort of Occupy Greenville toward having a leaderless organization. If this occupation is to be successful, it must remain in the spirit of direct democracy. Movements like this are a struggle, and the focus should not be on what politician to elect or making demands this early, but to build the movement utilizing direct democracy and to hold educational meetings of which we all contribute.

We have a wide variety of opinions, but that is the point of coming together to discuss them. There is so much out there, and it is hard to figure out why everyone has been affected the way they have. As with everything else, it is a struggle. But never give up. This is not about electing some politician, and it isn’t bank-rolled by large corporations (unlike a movement the mainstream press loved to talk about years ago). Also, this isn’t a counter movement. That was the Coffee Party and it pretty much failed.

I have seen a wide variety of people take part in this Occupy movement: anarchists, socialists, communists, liberals, Libertarians and even some conservatives. This is why it is considered the 99 percent. This is why we should be hesitant to give in to the demand of having demands, due to the wide amount of differences in ideology. For once people are getting involved purely because we have all been negatively affected, and it isn’t common sense as to why. We should take the time to build the movement, to get people from all walks of life involved. Even some of the 1 percent are on our side (as in they are supportive of this movement of people). It’s not about what class you were born in or live in, its about what class you fight for.