Publicize NI4D in response to solicitations

On 27 Jun 2009, Lynne Mosier wrote:

I get a lot of inbounds for donations etc from groups that I love but are still trying to influence their Representatives to do the right thing. I now cut and paste a quick note about national ballot initiatives as a solution for petitioning, protesting and a spread the word kind of thing.

For example:

Thank you for the work you do! I agree and I believe we can do more. There is plenty of money for clean energy if we curtail the $650 billion for weapons and war.

Are you aware of Fmr. Senator Mike Gravel’s truth rants during the early Dem. Presidential debates? We agree about the problem. Now let’s talk about a solution. Check out Gravel’s direct democracy proposal. From Noam Chomsky to Howard Zinn, he has some great people vetting and endorsing. Will you help inform citizens that they can demand a right to vote on the issues not just the sold out political parties?

From women’s right to vote to clean campaign finance it comes from the People thru the Initiative process. Even with Prop 8 (which would have never been on the ballot under the Gravel proposal since it is a Bill of Rights issue and that can’t be legislated away)… even Prop 8 has now brought bigotry and ignorance front and center which is more than we can say for our political leaders (Obama, Clinton et all) that still won’t back gay civil rights. Let’s talk solutions. Email me at

Imperialism = Bankruptcy(Financial+Moral)
Citizen Power…beyond protesting and petitioning…