The Occupy movement has just begun

What has Occupy Wall Street accomplished? Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ted Deutch introduced a constitutional amendment to revoke corporate personhood. What’s corporate personhood? Unbelievably, our federal court system decided that corporations have the same rights as people. They can own property, make TV commercials, and spend vast amounts of money buying politicians and elections. Despite the fact that corporations are people who do not eat, sleep, die, pay a fair share of taxes or get drafted in time of war. Revoke corporate personhood.

Also, Dennis Kucinich has sponsored a bill in the U.S. House to revoke the license of the Federal Reserve Bank and put it under the Treasury Department. Who cares? You should. Right now all of our money is created out of thin air by the Fed, a private bank, and then lent to the federal government. That’s the only way money is created in America. So, every dollar in your pocket is paying interest to the Fed. It’s a scam. But by putting the Fed into the Treasury Department it’ll be able to issue money without creating debt that the rest of us have to pay. And it won’t get away with making trillion dollars loans to European banks and inflating our money so rice and gas cost more while our paychecks stay the same.

Then there’s former Sen. Mike Gravel’s proposal for national initiative: direct voting on issues like revoking corporate personhood, ending the Fed and getting money out of politics. We’ve just begun.

Rich Zubaty