The Voters of Arizona Launch the ‘NO on 105’ Campaign in Phoenix and Tucson Declaring That it is Wrong to Count People Who Don’t

Vote NO on 105 and protect voting rights PHOENIX, Sept. 10

PHOENIX, Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Voters of Arizona gathered today
simultaneously in Phoenix and Tucson for the official NO on 105 Campaign
Kickoff. In opposition to Proposition 105, the "so-called" Majority Rules
amendment, the Voters of Arizona Committee cited the pitfalls of this proposed
constitutional amendment as an attack on the act of voting and on Arizona

"Simply put, Prop 105 is misleading and encourages voter apathy, and if
passed, would make elections unfair," said John Wright, chair of The Voters of
Arizona Committee at the Phoenix press conference held on the Senate Lawn at
the Arizona State Capitol. "Prop 105 would amend the Arizona Constitution and
will require that non-voters in an election are automatically counted as NO
votes.  It's just wrong to count people who don't vote.  Prop 105 is not fair
to voters who take time to vote."

During a simultaneous press conference in Phoenix and Tucson, business and
legislative leaders from around the state joined forces to stand up for the
rights of Arizona voters adamantly stating that Prop 105 does not belong in
the Arizona Constitution.

"The purpose of our state constitution is to protect important and
fundamental rights of our citizens and Prop 105 takes away these rights," said
Barbara Klein, vice president of the State League of Women Voters at the
Phoenix press conference.

If Prop 105 passes, 80 percent of those voting on a ballot initiative
would need to vote yes for it to pass. Prop 105 effectively kills the
initiative process in Arizona, which is the closest thing we have to a direct
democracy. If Prop 105 was already in place, a number of initiatives that
passed overwhelmingly would not have become law, including public safety,
education, and health care measures.

"Voting can be confusing and many voters choose to vote only on the things
they are educated about," said Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup at the Tucson press
conference at Old Pima County Courthouse. "If Prop 105 had already passed a
voter who deliberately chooses not to vote on a ballot initiative would be
counted as a NO vote on that section of the ballot. This is not fair to those
who choose to actually cast their vote."

Proponents of this measure falsely call it "majority rules," but a true
majority in an election can only come from those who chose to vote.

"Prop 105 is an attack on the act of voting," said Jack Lunsford,
president of WESTMARC, at the Phoenix press conference. "The entire election
system is centered on whomever or whatever receives the most votes wins. Prop
105 wants to change that election system so that a YES vote can be 'cancelled'
out by those who do not vote. The act of voting needs to be protected, vote NO
on 105."

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