We The People Have A Tough Responsibility: Use Direct Democracy To Change Our Corrupt Government

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The vast majority of Americans are stuck in a rapidly rotting death-grip:  On one hand, most of us realize that large corporations own and control our government — creating an unhealthy system dominated by big banks and wealthy special interests — the ruling class elite.  On the other hand, we’ve allowed ourselves, primarily by failing to stay well-informed and not taking responsibility for the healthy functioning of our government, to lapse into the fallacious believe that our two-party system is the best in the world. This dichotomy of convoluted ideology has destroyed us from both the inside and outside.
     In truth, our two-party system is a failed two party oligarchy that has never had a whiff of real direct democracy at the national (federal) level.  In the beginning, the media called it a republican form of government.  Then the media spinners started calling it a representational democracy and today our corporately owned media calls it: "The best democracy in the world!"  Sadly, this is the "great shining  lie"  that so many Americans have bought — lock, stock, and barrel!
     If you would take but five minutes to look up the words "republic" and "democracy" in the Columbia encyclopedia , — you will quickly discern the distinct difference.  In a republic, the people at large elect representatives to vote for them.  In a democracy, We the People can vote directly (majority rule) to amend the Constitution and pass some laws of our own choosing. Since there is no provision in our Constitution that empowers We the People to pass laws directly (a pathetic but understandable omission since wealthy white men wanted to rule from the beginning), we must never call ourselves a democracy.  We are a republic — plain and simple.  The realization of this salient truth will come hard for many previously deceived Americans!
     Our government, mainstream press, large corporations, and large institutions like think-tanks, foundations and universities, — have done an incredibly effective, albeit nefarious job, of enculturating us with the fallacious idea/ideal that our two-party political system is wonderful and we are the very best democracy in the world. This is pure horseshit and we must recognize the truth of its nasty aroma.  In truth, we are the very best "non-democracy that money can buy!"  It is this authentic truth that Americans must awaken to now, because without this truth we will remain forever stuck in the morass of our own delusion and fail to bring about the rudimentary changes to our government that are so sorely needed at this most critical juncture ever  in evolution.
     Without the moral integrity of truth, we Americans cannot make well-informed decisions — the inherent essence and backbone of any healthy, well-functioning government.  So here’s the real truth America and you’re not going to like it one bit:  We are not a democracy and have never been one!  We are a highly dysfunctional and very unhealthy, two-party oligarchy!  An oligarchy is "rule by the few" and that’s precisely what we are.  Large corporations, big banks, Wall Street, the intelligence complex, the prison complex, large institutions, the military-industrial-Congressional-complex,  and thousands of special interest lobbyists attached to both houses of Congress, — now own and control our once great nation. This truth hurts doesn’t it.
     Okay, here’s what the real truth tells us: As long as we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked and deluded — like dumb, obedient, subservient children — we are doomed!  If we awaken to the tough truth that our pernicious, two-party system is a failed and broken oligarchy that exists to maintain the power and wealth of the elitist few (see "You Call This A Democray?" by Paul Kivel), then we will have a window of opportunity to unite together in solidarity to bring about some drastically needed change at the federal level.  Eventually, I believe the American people will awaken to the reality that all political parties seek power and wealth for their own selves first, last, and foremost, as George Washington warned us.  Therefore, sooner or later we must elect "Independents" who are committed to a particular people in each bio-region of the country — to represent us.  Meanwhile, there is another great opportunity that looms large before us, but only if we have the courage and will to rise-up together to "seize the day": A National Citizens’ Initiative (federal ballot referendum)!
     Empowered by the mighty words of Thomas Jefferson plus our Founding Fathers and the leading lights of the 17th century enlightenment movement — i.e., Locke, Bacon, Payne — We the People can utilize "first principles" to conduct a national initiative by majority rule to pass a National Citizens’ Initiative into law. Once this law is passed, and only then, — will We the People be able to vote and pass at least one issue a year into law.  Then we can call ourselves a democracy!
     Isn’t it high time after 224 long years of unfair denial and heart-wrenching lies, that We the People be empowered  to vote and pass at least one law/issue each year of our choosing into law?  We must never forget that it was "We the People"  who voted and ratified our US Constitution in 1787 which founded America and created our three branches of government. Neither Congress, nor the executive branch, nor the judiciary is the highest authority in the land, only "We the People" can claim that inalienable and sovereign right. And guess what: Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and even Alexander Hamilton, — the primary author of the "Federalist Papers" all affirm this great truth via their oratory and documented writings: All government , — particularly representational government and  especially democratic government, is grounded and rooted like the tree of liberty itself, — in the sovereign voice and irrevocable authority of We the People.  And the second anyone digresses from this omnipotent truth, you’ve begun the repugnant descent into tyranny, despotism, and oligarchy!
     Let us not be fooled or deceive our selves:  Getting a National Citizens’ Initiative passed into law will not be an  easy task, for it will never be handed to us on a silver platter.  In fact, it will be violently opposed by all three branches of government, our two oligarchic parties, large corporations, the military-industrial-Congressional-complex, our CIA and FBI, our corporately owned press, presidents of most universities, and the wealthy elites.  Nevertheless, it must be done or we have no hope!
     Truly these are very tough times that we live in today.  Seven million Americans have lost their homes and almost 30 million Americans have no job with at least another ten million being under-employed.  Patriots Act I and II have robbed us of many of our personal rights, especially the right to personal security and "habeas corpus".  Who has allowed this deplorable situation to arise?  Please ask yourself this important question and talk to your friends about it. Are we one step away from "marshal rule"? 
     Please heed the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin: "The government you get is the government you deserve!"  Ultimately it is We the People who must step-up and take responsibility for the healthy functioning of our government ?  Who else can truly do it people?  In essence, this is what the worldwide OWS movement stands for and must stand for: Direct democracy and excellent representational government that listens to and respects the majority voice of "We the People".  And if they refuse or fail to do it, it is both our duty and responsibility to replace them.  Read Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence people, — it’s right there!
    To wrap up, here’s a very simple yet powerful direct democratic action that you can take right now:  Go to www.NI4D.US and sign onto your National Citizens’ Initiative.  "The government we create is the one we have to live with!"  The Lakota Indians say: "We are the ones we’ve been waiting for".  It’s up to us people to step-up now and help make it happen. Let’s be the responsible adult citizens that God, Mother Earth, and the people of our world require us to be.  As America goes, so goes the world.  Let’s lead with great visions, great deeds, and great solutions.  Many blessings to one and all!