How to Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in helping bring the National Citizens Initiative for Democracy to reality. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletters.
  2. The more detailed your appreciation of the Citizens Legislative Procedures Act, the more effective will be your advocacy efforts. Conquer the quiz. Examine the proposed 2012 revision of the text.
  3. Learn about nonviolent political struggle.
  4. Contribute funds toward NCID with credit card purchases at no extra cost to you. Sign up for eScrip.
  5. Write articles
    • Write opinion articles to your local newspaper. It is easier to get published in a local newspaper than a national newspaper.
    • Write about NCID in your blog or microblog. Send us email to add or remove your feed from the collection of supporter blogs.
    • Submit your publications to the journalism contest.
  6. Spread awareness
  7. Get involved in the NCID social network: Google group, myspace, Facebook, etc.
  8. Help us answer email sent to
  9. Maintain our account at
  10. Help translate the web site into other languages (e.g. Spanish, French)
  11. Feeling creative? Join the NCID-Video special interest group.
  12. Transcribe audio. Transcriptions are important because they permit search engines to easily index content.
  13. Contact us if you are a lawyer, accountant, or computer expert.
  14. Subscribe to the Worldwide Direct Democracy newsletter

If you accomplish anything noteworthy, please submit a news item to so we can broadcast your activity via our periodic newsletter.