Kierig, Lee


Lee Kierig is an Architect and published author living in Montana. He has been highly involved as an activist for the re-creation of humanity through a functional reckoning of the inherited force philosophy that has only served to oppress the people throughout history by destroying the Public Trusts Domain, all life and Earth. Claimed, principles of Democracy are severely diminished, with the popular sentiment of the people dismissed in favor of the elitist few and corporate control of the governance, while themes of aggression continue unabated and while World population continues growing beyond sustainable limits. Lee has been active toward these causes since the early 80’s, particularly in their relation to achieving True Sustainability. He holds a Masters degree in Architecture and has held positions in local government as President of the local Planning(not) Board; a board member of the Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance and a concerted advocate for Responsible Liberty for all people of Earth.


I wholly endorse this call for True Democracy and support this campaign in any manner that I am able. Our time is, indeed, now upon us.